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for a patch against vcheckpw regarding C/R.


At 21:24 21.12.03 -0700, Tom Collins wrote:
>Thanks to many testers for uncovering bugs in the
>last pre-release.  We should have some more
>documentation (limits docs from Shupp) and LDAP
>docs/bugfixes (from Bowe) before the final release.
>*** Note that the configure option for setting the authentication
>*** module has changed.  Instead of --enable-mysql, use
>*** --enable-auth-module=mysql.
>5.4.0-pre2 - released 21-Dec-03
>Casey Zacek
>- Keep vlimits_setflags() in vlimits.c when mysql-limits is
>   enabled. [858109]
>- Create maildirsize file when adding new user. [858994]
>Tom Collins
>- open_smtp_relay(): fix address conversion of '::ffff:'
>   ip format, move code to function and replace calls to
>   getenv("TCPREMOTEIP"). [858586]
>- When optimizing adddomain, rebuild users/cdb after each addition
>   instead of postponing. [859707, temporary fix]
>- Move maildir_to_email() from vdelivermail.c into vpopmail.c,
>   replace dupe code that tries to do the same thing. [859098]
>- Fix domain quota checks to work with hashed directories. [859098]
>- Fix bug when calling format_maildirquota() with NOQUOTA.
>- Document use of NOQUOTA in vadduser. [862315]
>- Fix Makefile so `make install` works from checked out CVS. [863862]
>Michael Bowe
>- Revise configure script so choice of auth module is now "OR"
>   rather than "AND".
>   Auth module selection now uses the format :
>       --enable-auth-module=cdb|mysql|pgsql|ldap|sybase|oracle|activedir
>   Rather than :
>       --enable-mysql --enable-pgsql --enable-ldap etc
>   If the old style is used, then the configure script will output
>   and error and will advise the user of the updated syntax. [855691]
>- Removed the code that created a vpopmail.config.sh file each
>   time the configure script is run. This file is never used,
>   and a more accurate result can be achieved by using
>   ./config.status --recheck [860271]
>- Update the vldap/qmailUser.schema so that it contains the
>   required definition for 'clearPassword' [810999]
>- Modify vpopbull, so that within each domain, the users are
>   processed alphabetically. The idea behind this is to give the
>   operator some idea of "how far through" the mailout we are.

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