Sorry I forgot to mention that you have to patch qmail for max
recipients to work...Once patched, it does work..

Actual Maxrecipients: 50

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On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 22:25, Mark Spieth wrote:
> /var/qmail/control/maxrecipients

not part of stock qmail.

> This will limit the maximum amount of recipients in an email

nope, it won't.  qmail will ignore it because it simply doesn't know
what to do with it.

from qmail-showctl on stock qmail 1.03 (with errno patch, nothing more):
maxrecipients: I have no idea what this file does.

there is also no mention of it in the qmail-control manpage, nor is
there any mention of it when:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/dev/qmail/qmail-1.03.orig $ grep maxrecipients *
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/dev/qmail/qmail-1.03.orig $

However, there is (I believe) a patch to qmail to limit the number of
recipients (goole?, but you're trying to use a technical
solution to solve an administrative problem.  Users spamming?  Account
gone.  Problem solved.

> as far as limiting the amount of email a day, Nothing comes to mind

Well, it's almost impossible to do, unless you require all of your users
to use some sort of direct authentication method to send email.  Then
all you'd have to do is write a wrapper around your checkpassword
replacement to count the number of times they've sent, and a cronjob to
clear it out every so often.

>  You can use the tar pit delay setting to slow down their sending of
> email..

which is pointless, and just slows down your users.

[fixed quoting of original post]
> > I want to use it to prevent clients to send spam.

make them authenticate using smtp auth.  if they are spamming, shut them
off.  simple.

By the way, this question was not in any way related to vpopmail, it
should have gone on a more appropriate list (perhaps the qmail list?)



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