Dear All:

        My qmail + vpopmail + procmail has a very strange behaviour:

        If I send an email to a person that exists, everything goes fine,
but If I send a message to an invalid email, sometimes and sometimes not, it

        procmail: Error while writing to "/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''
        From TEST Dec 29 09:42:41 2003
         Subject: TEST
           Folder: **Requeued**

        I have use VERBOSE in vpopmail but everything goes fine but when it
calls vdelivermail it happens!

My .qmail-default is:

        |preline /usr/bin/procmail -p -m -t ./procmailrcvg

My procmailrcvg is:

        |/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

        And it happens only when the destination box doesn't exists and
randomly runs ok and randomly no.


Juan Antonio

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