So per Courier's instructions I am posting my questions to this list.

I am on OpenBSD 3.2, with qmail, vpopmail 5.2.1, and courier 2.2.1.  my
vpopmail works like a dream and I don't have any problems.  But I
decided to add some IMAP connectivity for various reasons.  I installed
the latest Courier stable and did just a simple ./configure and let it
run.  Now anytime I try to authenticate locally, via telnet or anything
else, I have strange authentication issues.

So long as the username part of the login email ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) is
a local system account as well, it logs on just fine.  But as soon as I
enter ANY virtual account, it fails with:

Dec 31 02:44:30 gstc01 imapd: Connection, ip=[::1]
Dec 31 02:44:47 gstc01 imapd: LOGIN: DEBUG: ip=[::1], command=LOGIN
Dec 31 02:44:47 gstc01 imapd: LOGIN: DEBUG: ip=[::1],
Dec 31 02:45:07 gstc01 imapd: LOGIN FAILED, ip=[::1]

in the log files.  For reference sake, [EMAIL PROTECTED] is a virtual
account, but if I use my "geoff @" account (where geoff is
also a local account on the system) it passes right in.

I currently am only using authdaemon, and only have the vchkpwd module
selected in the config files.

Any thoughts?


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