On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, DOV wrote:

> Still no luck logging in from remote using Eudora with smtpd-auth patch... have 
> tried using root in qmail-smtpd, no help there...
> in qmailqueue:
> messages contain: Unable to switch to /var/vpopmail/users/root
> -- which should have been /var/vpopmail/domains/www9.landings.com/root right?
> /var/log/maillog contains:
> www9 vpopmail[21742]: vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found root@:
> -- seems the above should be [EMAIL PROTECTED]: is that correct?)


This may sound like a silly question, but...  What is the login name you
are using in Eudora?  Are you using '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'?  If so, try
using 'root%www9.landings.com'.  In my experience, Eudora drops the '@'
and everything to the right of it in the login name.


Chris Ess
System Administrator / CDTT (Certified Duct Tape Technician)

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