hello everybody,

im wondering if anybody can give me the hint i need to solve my
problem with qmail & vpopmail.

at the moment im using vpopmail-5.4.0-pre2.

what i want is use qmail & vpopmail with authorisation against /etc/passwd.

my problem is that i want the virtual domains to reside in the path
/path-to-vpopmail/domains ...
but if i add a virtual user and then try to get my mails i get the error
"-ERR authorisation failed"

what does work is if i use the path /home/ instead of /path-to-vpopmail/
then i can get my emails but that is not where i want my mails to reside in 

please correct me if im wrong but i think this is an vpopmail vchkpw issue.

can someone help me please?

thanks and kind regards

thomas h.

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