I have the same problem with vpopmail encrypted passwords.

Vpopmail works fine... But passwords generated by vpopmail are not recognized by any other tool.

I'm checking the code, but if someone has an idea of what's happening...

(vpopmail 5.4.0.rc1)


- Oscar.

I have an RH9 with qmail 1.03, vpopmail 5.3.30, qmailadmin 1.0.29,
openldap 2.0.27, squid 2.5STABLE3-0 and LDAP Browser/Editor 2.8.2

I've managed to connect both vpopmail and squid to openldap. Both can
authenticate the users okay. The problem raises when I tried to
authenticate vpopmail's user into squid.

When I browse the userlist using LDAP Browser, I find that vpopmail saves
the password in MD5 39Bytes long,
"{MD5}$1$qvNMfgHF$/ZsHAjbAHPLALu/MRIj8d.", while LDAP Browser saves the
password in MD5 29Bytes long, "{MD5}lueSGJZetyySpUndWjMBEg==". Squid can
read the 29Bytes long one, not the 39Bytes long one. Thus vpopmail users
can't authenticate themselves in squid.

Does anybody know how can I synch those two different MD5 password


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