Please paste the output of a vuserinfo on one of your email addresses.

Phisher1 wrote:

Here is my setup:

I have qmail + vpopmail 5.3.30+ mysql setup.

I have 5 servers for this mail cluster.

   1. mx for internet ( no relay)
   2. smtp for customers ( relay for customers)
   3. pop3 for customers
   4. mysql server box
   5. nas NFS storage device

I have /home/vpopmail/domains exported from the NFS server.

This directory is only accessible by user vpopmail.

My vpopmail configure line:

./configure \

--enable-roaming-users=n \

--enable-logging=p \

--enable-ip-alias-domains=n \

--enable-defaultquota=10485760S \

--enable-passwd=n \

--enable-clear-passwd=y \

--enable-domain-quotas=n \

--enable-mysql=y \

--enable-many-domains=n \

--enable-auth-logging=y \

--enable-mysql-logging=y \


My problem is:


In the Mysql table domain_com in database vpopmail under the pw_shell field

There is either 10485760S or 10485760S,1000C for every user.

I have a /home/vpopmail/domains/.quotawarn.msg that contains an email with proper headers that should be sent to the user when they are at 90% usage.

I also have a /home/vpopmail/domains/.over-quota.msg that contains an error message that I believe should be displayed to the original sender if they try to email a user that is over quota.

Also a side note which might help diagnose the problem.. I have Squirrelmail setup with the quota_usage plugin. The quota usage never increases from 0%

Can anyone help?


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