On Friday 09 January 2004 3:11 am, huleboer wrote:
> From  18 feb if I remember correctly norwegian characters like  will be
> allowed to use on the internet. This included characters like . Full
> list is available from
> http://www.norid.no/domeneregistrering/idn/idn_nyetegn.html.
> If I try to do a:
> ./vadddomain tyttebr.no
> I get
> Error: Invalid domain name
> Get the same problem with vaddaliasdomain. I don't know if this is a qmail
> issue or vpopmail issue. But any1 have a fix? Is this a problem just with
> vadddomain/vaddaliasdomain or will it require more changes inn
> qmail/vpopmail?

If the code is still the same, there are two functions, one
to verify the characters in the user name and another to verify
the domain name characters. That would be the place to allow
for the new characters. 

Ken Jones

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