On Jan 7, 2004, at 4:33 PM, Philipp Wagner wrote:
today I thought about the new domain names with some country specific
chars (IDN-Domains), like they are offered for com/net/org already and
for some European domains (de etc.) from March 1st on.
Is it right, that if I want to login into qmailadmin, that I would have
to enter the punycode-encoded domain name?
That is bad for customers, because they normally don't remember their
punycode-domainname, but only their domain name with the special
characters. For example, the domain
schlerzeitung.net would be xn--schlerzeitung-yob.net
Is it possible to integrate that conversion into qmailadmin like the
webbrowser does it?

On Jan 9, 2004, at 2:11 AM, huleboer wrote:
From 18 feb if I remember correctly norwegian characters like will be
allowed to use on the internet. This included characters like . Full list
is available from

If I try to do a:
./vadddomain tyttebr.no
I get
Error: Invalid domain name

Get the same problem with vaddaliasdomain. I don't know if this is a qmail
issue or vpopmail issue. But any1 have a fix? Is this a problem just with
vadddomain/vaddaliasdomain or will it require more changes inn

It's obvious that this is going to be a significant issue for vpopmail and qmailadmin. On the backend, we'll be storing everything in 7-bit ASCII (xn--schlerzeitung-yob.net in the example given above), but allow for users to enter unicode names into the command-line programs for vpopmail, and display the properly formatted name in qmailadmin.

Can someone with a more detailed knowledge of these systems point the developers to a concise description of how to add support for it to vpopmail and qmailadmin? Perhaps the relevant RFCs? Code libraries that we could simply integrate into our programs? This looks like a good summary: <http://www.dns.pl/IDN/idn_intro_eng.html>.

It will take some time to go through the source and identify times when we need to output the unicode-formatted string (onscreen to the user, in error messages, etc.), versus the 7-bit ASCII version (when writing files). I also don't know if knowledge of the current character set (for example, when a user runs the command-line tools or qmailadmin outputs HTML pages) will be important or not.

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