From: Tom Collins [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> On Jan 13, 2004, at 9:00 AM, Dean Henrichsmeyer wrote:
> >> I applied this vchkpw.c.diff patch from
> >> and CRAM-MD5 
> >> authentication seems to be working (of course I also
> >> applied the smtp-auth patch to qmail).
> >
> > Can we get this worked into 5.4.0? :)
> It's already in CVS and will be in 5.4.0-rc2.

Any chance this will have fixed the AUTH PLAIN login
type too?  I reported the other day that a 5.4.0-rc1
with that same patch, but not the diff applied, only
worked with AUTH LOGIN.  I'll go apply the diff now
if it will fix plain too? :-)


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