Paolo Losi wrote:

Hi all!
    I'm working on a quite critical email project.
We want to use Imap in order to reduce client management complexity
(email backups, etc...).

I'm using very happily Courier Imap and Mozilla since 2 years now
so I'm very confident with Mozilla and Courier Imap interoperability.

But now we would need to deploy IMAP to 300 users and we need also
to select an IMAP client. The more obvious choise would be outlook express (for a number of reason).

I've tested for a couple of days OE 6 without any serious problem.
The only drawback is that it tries to always download attachments
from the server even if I "click" on them.

The questions are:
- What is your experience with the combination of OE and Courier Imap?
- is the Imap interoperability robust enough to use it in a production
- Which are the release combinations that can be considered "stable"?

Thanks to everyone for feedbacks!


I sweat by Mozilla ThunderBird, cause its less prone to those MS only viruses, and is a very stable email client, easy to install as well, just drop it in a dir and your set.


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