No better teacher than one self....sorry for the happy trigger, i
shouldve researched a bit is the solution with the latest
vanilla courier imap:

1.- Dont know why /home/vpopmail/etc/lib_deps and inc_deps is not
created by vpopmail install....BUT, you need to put in there the
includes and libs that courier will need to link into vpopmail.
Here is mine:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/courier-imap-2.2.1$ cat /home/vpopmail/etc/lib_deps 
-L/home/vpopmail/lib -lvpopmail -L/usr/lib/ -lmysqlclient -lz
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/courier-imap-2.2.1$ cat /home/vpopmail/etc/inc_deps 

2.- Even then, as vpopmail sets the permissions on the ~/lib directory
to +x to root and to vpopmail.a +r only to root, youll need to either
change (temporarily) the permissions so that the compiling user can read
and change into the directory. To be on the safe side, you can put in
/etc/ the /home/vpopmail/lib directory. Thats what i did, it

Now, ill keep you posted on "DOES IT RUN?"

3.- Too much to keep track off with my previous configure options....
so, i changed to what the inter7 vpopmail faq recomends....

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