We are getting closer to a stable release, and we need everyone's help in testing this release.

Even if you don't want to run it, at least try downloading, configuring and compiling it on your system. We've been making changes to the build-related files, and need feedback on any problems that might still exist. Take a look at the documentation, and feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement (or better yet, post patches with your changes to SourceForge).

As you can see in the ChangeLog, we've been fixing a lot of small bugs and improving the documentation. Please post any bug reports to SourceForge <>.

Michael Bowe
- Added some basic 5.4 upgrade notes to the UGPRADE file
- Fix typo's in that relate to the errors generated
  when a discontinued configure option is used
- Fix bug when autocreating a user dir for a user who exists
  in the auth backend, but does not yet have a user dir
  allocated. [873007]
- Fix bug introduced in vpopmail-5.4.0-pre2 that was preventing
  ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql from being installed [874776]
- vpopbull was failing to create userdirs in some cases
  (when the user exists in the auth backend, but did not have
  a dir allocated yet) [816942]
- clearopensmtp was using USE_MYSQL rather than USE_SQL to
  determine where the roaming IPs were being stored [876016]
- Update INSTALL and other guides to mention that vchkpw group
  does not need to be gid 89. [877154]
- Update README.pgsql to include security warning regarding
  the postgres username/password [879124]

Ken Nonaka
- Fixes to vpgsql.c to clear compile errors when
  --enable-ip-alias-domains is enabled. [874066]

Tom Collins
- Check for comments earlier in deliver_mail().
- Remove unused --enable-defaultquota and code related to it.
  (Replaced by settings in vlimits.default.) [869411]
- Remove references to --eanble-defaultquota in documentation.
- vdelivermail.c: Consistent return values in deliver_mail().
- More updates to build files. [874831]
- Apply patch from
  to fix CRAM-MD5 SMTP AUTH in vchkpw. [871493]
- Have vchkpw.c use get_remote_ip() to convert IPv6 to IPv4
  (fixed problem with ::ffff: in relay file). [876019]
- Fix bug in vpalias where .qmailadmin-limits was incorrectly
  thought to be alias for user 'dmin-limits'.
- Sort by alias in valias_select_all (needed for QmailAdmin).
- Add new valias_remove() command to remove a single line from
  valias table.  (not implemented for cdb backend yet)
- Fix incorrect buffer use in PQexec() calls.
- Convert '.' to ':' when building filename in valias_select()
  in vpalias.c.
- Remove length check for 'alias' parameter in vpalias.c's
  valias_select_all() and valias_select_all_next() since it's a
  return value buffer.
- Remove duplicate code in valias_select_all_next() in vpalias.c.
- Fix to update cdb/conf-cc and cdb/conf-ld. [877166]
- Add /usr/local/mysql/include/mysql to search list for incdir,
  and /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql for libdir. [877168]
- Remove cdb/compile, cdb/load, cdb/conf-cc and cdb/conf-ld as
  they are automatically generated during configure/make.
- Add missing $(DESTDIR) to some @vpopmaildir@ paths in Makefile.

Bill Shupp
- Add -o option to vmoduser to set V_OVERRIDE flag. [875505]
- Contributed README.vlimits [855693]
- Updated README.quotas

Casey Zacek
- Create maildirsize file in vsetuserquota(). [869457]

Anders Brander
- Allow optional length for random passwords in vadduser and
  vadddomain. [848228]

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