On Monday 19 January 2004 11:30 pm, Jeff Koch wrote:
> Could someone please explain the purpose of the following configure option
> in vpopmail:
>    --enable-file-sync         Enable file sync after each message is
> delivered
> We're having file system corruption problems with qmail/vpopmail (IDE hard
> disk, ext3 file system) and are wondering if this might help. Is there a
> downside to using this option?

That might help. I put the option in for exactly this type of reason.
Instead of calling fsync after the delivery it lets the OS manage
the disk buffering. You might also want to comment out the fsync's
in the qmail source code. These two changes will let the OS manage
the disk buffers instead of flushing them all the time. You'll get
much better disk performance.

Ken Jones

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