I've setup a qmail+vpopmail-3.2.20+mysql with 3 virtual domains. So I applied 
only the shupp and chk.user.mysql patches from the toaster page;

 I 've already read in this list that if a domain is in control/virtualdomains 
the patch will not check the recipient and will try to deliver  the message 
locally. So I setup one of that domains (abc.com) at another machine with the 
same users.

Then I removed the domain abc.com from virtualdomains (now it lives only in 
rcpthosts) and wrote a line in control/smtproutes : 
abc.com.br:mail.abc.com:25 where mail.abc.com is a IP in that another 

But when I send a email to a non-existent email like [EMAIL PROTECTED] I receive 
only a bounce message  from mail.abc.com , nothing from chk-user patch. 
What's wrong?


   Mário Viana Barbosa
      Network Admin
  SecrelNet ISP - Brazil

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