please keep list posts on the list.  Please do not top post.  I've fixed
your broken quoting.

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 16:49, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > > The domain name is in the locals file.  I removed it.  That didn't
> > > help.

> > did you HUP or restart qmail-send after you did that?

> Yes.  You can see in the qmail-showctl that is not in
> the locals.

correct, it's not in locals, but does qmail-send know that?  Again I
ask, did you HUP or restart qmail-send after you removed the domain from
the locals file?

> Does vpopmail create .qmail-user files in the
> /opt/vpopmail/domains/domain directory?

if that's what the ./configure script for vpopmail determined was where
the domains directory was supposed to be (or if that's where you told it
to be)

> Or better said, does Qmail Admin create .qmail-user files in the
> /opt/vpopmail/domains/domain dir?

qmailadmin uses vpopmail calls.  So as long as you have compiled
qmailadmin since the last time you recompiled vpopmail, they go to the
same place.  However, most of vpopmail's handling of email is from the
.qmail-default file, it does not create seperate .qmail files for each
user when you do vadduser.

> I noticed in .qmail-default that vpopmail is called.

vdelivermail, yes.

> It appears to me that vpopmail handles the delivery of the mail.  Is
> that true?

vdelivermail, yes.  Which is why I said 'that error is coming from
qmail, not vpopmail' (see the first reply of mine in this thread)

> I am using the Maildir format.

vpopmail only uses maildir, so that's not useful information.


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