Jon Reynolds wrote:

I am moving from one server to a new and was wondering what I need to do
to move my users from the old server to the new. I am thinking I need to
move the /etc/passwd,/etc/master.passwd and /etc/group then move the
domain directory in /home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>.

I've done it that way before and it worked. You could also edit the password and group files to move just the qmail, vpopmail and related lines across. Less chance of messing up some other part of the system that way. Make sure you don't duplicate any existing uid/gid values.

Would that work and do I need to make sure that all the uid's and gid's
match for spamassassin, clamav and the others?

You also want to preserve the uid/gid values on all the files and directories... or go through all of them and make sure they match when you are done. (not much fun!)

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