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> El mar, 27-01-2004 a las 13:20, Alejandro Aguilar Sierra escribi:
> > > Sure, all the postmasters of the domains I host have access to qmailadmin,
> > > but I meant something the users could use theirself.
> > 
> > Hmm.. OK, users can use qmailadmin. Is there a way to allow users to use
> > qmailadmin from another application, say, squirrelmail?
> Just bump a link in there.... No auto-authentication though, users would
> have to retype their password and login at qmailadmin.... unless you
> modify qmailadmin html files to meet this need

You could make a page with a hidden form, when the user enters this page,
some javascript or something submit the form against qmailadmin.

Idont  know if it would work, just a gues.

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