On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 23:02, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

> checkuser patch uses vpopmail calls.  the domain would have to be in 
> vpopmail on the other server and/or would require some more advanced
> configuration.

I ran into another problem. My mx server, which really shouldn't have
email addresses is listed in defaultdomain, rcpthosts and
virtualdomains. However I never added it as a domain. I discovered that
qmail was trying to deliver to a box in this domain (which didn't
exist). So I tried to add the domain and got a segfault. 

Some how I got it into a state where trying to delete the domain give
"Domain doesn't exist" and trying to add it returns "Domain already

Have I totally screwed up here? How can I recover this install?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

tom jackson

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