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On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 01:45, Tom Jackson wrote:
> I ran into another problem. My mx server, which really shouldn't have
> email addresses is listed in defaultdomain, rcpthosts and
> virtualdomains. However I never added it as a domain. I discovered that
> qmail was trying to deliver to a box in this domain (which didn't
> exist). So I tried to add the domain and got a segfault. 

so this is not related to the thread you replied to to make this post?  
If not, please, in the future, start a new thread when asking a new,
unrelated question.  Most mail clients have a 'new mail' function that
cna handle this.  That being said:

> Some how I got it into a state where trying to delete the domain give
> "Domain doesn't exist" and trying to add it returns "Domain already
> exists". 

if it's only in rcpthosts and virtualdomains, just remove it from them
manually (text editor, sed, perl, c program, lots of ways to do this)
and then HUP qmail-send.

If this machine is to receive email for the domain and pass it off to
another server, simply add the domain to to rcpthosts and make a
corresponding smtproutes entry to pass it to the other machine.  You
will of course have to remove the domain from virtualdomains to prevent
local delivery of the mail from being attempted.


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