On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 11:09, Jeff Koch wrote:
> Hi Jason:
> We are having a problem using qmail-scanner with vpopmail. It appears that 
> when vpopmail is configured for roaming users (i.e. pop before smptd) the 
> IP addresses of users that pop in get listed in tcp.smtp.cbd and are then 
> bypassed by the qmail-scanner.
> A look at the 'open-smtp' file which is used along with tcp.smtp to build 
> tcp.smtp.cdb shows entries like:
>,RELAYCLIENT="",RBLSMTPD="" 1075391824
>,RELAYCLIENT="",RBLSMTPD=""  1075391878
>,RELAYCLIENT="",RBLSMTPD=""    1075391923
> Then, it seems, for the period of time these entries stay in the database 
> email that comes from these IP addresses bypasses the qmail-scanner virus 
> filter.
> Is there a way to correct this problem? It is letting viruses through our 
> mailserver.

even if you set QMAILQUEUE to talk to qmail-scanner, qmail-scanner will
not check any messages if it sees the RELAYCLIENT environment variable
set.  Therefore, you'd have to look at qmail-scanner to disable this


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