On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Ken Jones wrote:


Just a few notes, I've been busy migrating to a vpopmail server from
sendmail/uw-imap, so I've missed reading the list for a while.

> > 2) I saw on a previous post that spam filtering can be disabled for a
> > specific user, but what about for an entire domain?
> There is no mechanism to turn off a whole domain except setting
> the NO_SPAMFILTER flag for each user. Nor is there a method
> for automatically having it turned off when a new user is added.

Could we perhaps look at making the default the inverse?  It's bad
practice (legally, contractually) to start filtering user email without
informing them of it ahead of time.  I prefer to send a welcome message
that gives the user a link to our SA control panel to turn spam on/off, I
assume other ISPs probably do...

> We migth want to use the next bit flag in the pw_gid(pw_flags) field
> to enable automatically deleting the email if hit the email is marked
> as spam.

I would love a new field, something human-readable.



> Ken Jones

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