On Jan 30, 2004, at 1:25 PM, Nick Lomonte wrote:
When trying to use sqwebmail's change password feature, it always

ERROR: Unable to change password. Possible reasons why you cannot change
the password are:

* You did not enter the old password correctly
* You did not enter the new password twice correctly
* Your new password is too short, or is based on a dictionary
word, and short/dictionary-based passwords are not allowed
* Your new password is the same as one or more previous passwords,
or the minimum time between password changes has not yet elapsed

even though none of that is true.  vpopmail 5.4.0-rc2 and

I'm not familiar with how sqwebmail interfaces to vpopmail. Does it link libvpopmail? If so, did you recompile and reinstall sqwebmail after installing vpopmail?

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