I don't use this version but i have a problem like this in vpopmail
5.3.29 and sqwebmail-3-6.1. But I use vpopmail 5.3.30 and
sqwebmail-3.6.1 and i don't have the message anymore, I can change
the password in this version.

Did u have configure with :
  configure --enable-changepass=yes
when you install sqwebmail ?

And this configuration in vpopmail:
  configure --enable-sqwebmail-pass=y

This tags is used in version vpopmail-5.3.22 below, and i try to find
this tags in version 5.3.30 but i can't, maybe this tags is only for
old version of vpopmail.

Oh yeah .. you have to configure :
in sqwebmail's configuration.


agus basyari

On 30 Jan 2004 14:25:55 -0600
Nick Lomonte <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> When trying to use sqwebmail's change password feature, it always
> reports:
> ERROR: Unable to change password. Possible reasons why you cannot
> change the password are:
>       * You did not enter the old password correctly
>       * You did not enter the new password twice correctly
>       * Your new password is too short, or is based on a dictionary
>         word, and short/dictionary-based passwords are not allowed
>       * Your new password is the same as one or more previous
>       passwords,
>         or the minimum time between password changes has not yet
>         elapsed
> even though none of that is true.  vpopmail 5.4.0-rc2 and
> sqwebmail-3.6.2

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