on 1/31/04 9:46 PM, Jeremy Kitchen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 23:39, Kurt Bigler wrote:
>> I just discovered a phenomenon that is probably familiar to many of you:
>> the fact that spammers (or viruses) can relay through my server because of
>> its accepted domains (domains at which my server hosts pop accounts), simply
>> by forging a bad address at one of the accepted domains and allowing the
>> resulting bounce to deliver their content to the specified "from" address,
>> via the bounce message.
> and you actually observe this happening?

Actually what I see are double bounces, and I make the inference about what
would have happenned if the from address of the original message accepted by
my SMTP had actually existed.  Please correct me if that inference is wrong.

So my conclusion is if that I plugged this hole, I would eliminated all the
worthless double-bounce messages, plus I would also avoid any possibility of
my server being used indirectly to relay.


> I've never received such an
> email, nor have I ever seen it happen to my machine, or any other
> machine I've worked on in the past..
> -Jeremy

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