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Ken Jones wrote:
Hi Rick,

Use the ones without the "_" characters. The ones with the "_"
are the lower level functions which encapsulate the details of
each authentication backend.


What kind of changes are you planning on putting in the code?

Review the ##tags in templates, some obsolete names should go back in service.

Review the language file for unused entries.

Move all HTML out to templates.

Remove as many global variables as possible.

Try to create .qmail files by processing a template rather than having
it hard coded in the program.

Allow the system admin  to add delivery methods by adding a template
file in a specific directory.

Make the HTML forms so that if the user makes an error the fields are
presented with all fields filled in as the user left them, with the
errors marked so the user can change the fields and try to enter the
changes again.

I am also considering changing the structure of the program so that when
 you login as a domain administrator you are presented with a list of
all known email addresses in the domain, and can chose any of them to
edit.  For example if you just logged in as [EMAIL PROTECTED] you
might see something like this readonly example:

Most of the modify buttons work.  Mailing list does not.  You can modify
the domain this viewer is pointed at with the QmailAdmin menu option.
The password for [EMAIL PROTECTED] is password.

When I asked about this on the mailing list recently, I got 3 replies of
"I like it." and 1 from Tom about things it was missing, like tracking
quotas that I have added, and a search option that is not done yet.  (I
need to take some time and build some test domains first.)

Tom Collins said he was going to pass the torch to you. Which
sounds like he will give you administrative privilages on the
source forge project. Is that your understanding too?

I'm not sure about being an admin, but I am a developer, and I have control of the HEAD branch which is version 1.3.0 (unstable). Tom has the stable-1_2 branch and will be adding his valias code to it.

What I have done is in NEWS of cvs:*checkout*/qmailadmin/qmailadmin/NEWS?rev=1.8

What I have planned is in TODO of cvs:*checkout*/qmailadmin/qmailadmin/TODO?rev=1.3

All suggestions and help are welcome! Rick

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