On Feb 3, 2004, at 5:59 AM, Alejandro Ortega Pez wrote:
I've just updated my vpopmail to new 5.4.0. I always install every new version you release.
But from 25.4.0-preX" I have noticed authentication with cram-md5 passwords fails.
I hoped that installing the fresh stable 5.4.0 all this issue would leave apart, but it still continue.

5.4.0 ChangeLog:

Tom Collins
- Update configure with correct location of vlimits.default.
- Fix typo (ammount) in vmoddomlimits. [882884]
- Don't include $(DESTDIR) when building vpopmailbindir. [884247]
- Mention compatability issues with older SMTP AUTH patches.

relevant portion of UPGRADE regarding SMTP AUTH (including CRAM-MD5):


  * This release of vpopmail includes fixes for vchkpw that may break
    certain SMTP AUTH implementations.  If SMTP AUTH fails after
    installing vpopmail 5.4.x, you may need to use the
    qmail-smtpd-auth-0.4.2 patch included in the contrib directory.

* If you do switch to the 0.4.2 SMTP AUTH patch, you may need to update
your qmail-smtpd run file (the first parameter to qmail-smtpd should
now be the path to vchkpw and not the hostname).

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