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Hello guys I would like what would you suggest for load balance with
vpopmail and mysql any suggestions on how to set it up? I would also like
to have Round robin with DNS etc..

Thanks for your support

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In that case, I would build nameservers to point to 2+ mail servers under the same name. Bind can easily perform this round robin function...and is free. There are a load of howto's that can help...or I might recommend the O'Reilly press dns series. Also Google can find a LOAD of DNS info.

If you are interested in load-balancing, I would try the information at

All this...if you are willing to build your own. Otherwise start contacting vendors that can do it for you.

the toaster is designed to handle mail only. Perhaps this is not the right forum to ask of such unrelated matters. Once you have the load-balancing and round robin setup....then I would perhaps approach with the question of how to share mail between the server(s).

Hope this helps direct you in the right place.

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