Chris Moody <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Remo Mattei wrote:
>> Hello guys I would like what would you suggest for load balance with
>> vpopmail and mysql any suggestions on how to set it up?  I would also like
>> to have Round robin with DNS etc.. Thanks for your support
>> Remo Mattei
>> Network Security Engineer
>> cell 801-808-unix
> In that case, I would build nameservers to point to 2+ mail servers under the
> same name.  Bind can easily perform this round robin function...and is free.
> There are a load of howto's that can help...or I might recommend the O'Reilly
> press dns series.  Also Google can find a LOAD of DNS info.

Not to be a troll, but I can't sit idly by when BIND is recommended for
service.  Please, use djbdns.  It's faster, more secure, and easier to
administer in my opinion.

Disclaimer: Please don't argue with my opinion over this, it will go nowhere
and I just want to provide my input.  If Remo decides to use BIND after
weighing the alternatives I'm all for it.

- Erik

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