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RM> Hello guys I would like what would you suggest for load balance with
RM> vpopmail and mysql any suggestions on how to set it up?  I would also like
RM> to have Round robin with DNS etc.. 

We are using Linux Virtual Server to accomplish this:


Basically it involves 4 machines, 2 mail toasters using qmail,
vpopmail, spamassassin, clamav, squirrelmail, 1 NFS/MySQL server and 1 load

The load balancer does weighted round robin to serve
POP3/IMAP/SMTP/WWW to the mail toasters.  It also runs service checks
to make sure those services are active, if they are not, it removes
the server from the cycle.

Setup is easy, the queue is local to the machine, the only thing that
is mounted is /home/vpopmail/domains/, all of the qmail and vpopmail
config and control files are synced to each individual machine off of
the nfs server when changes are made via a perl script that we hacked
up.  User authentication is of course via MySQL.  Oh, and the
Squirrelmail software is shared via NFS also.


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