On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 10:44:36AM -0800, Joe Boyce wrote:
> RM> Hello guys I would like what would you suggest for load balance with
> RM> vpopmail and mysql any suggestions on how to set it up?  I would also like
> RM> to have Round robin with DNS etc.. 
> We are using Linux Virtual Server to accomplish this:

LVS is getting much easier to setup and maintain, but a simple round
robin dns system is also quite easy to put together for a perl coder[1].
None of the mail servers need any sort of "LVS" magic, and nothing about
mail is really CPU bound (other than AV), and mail systems nicely
distribute themselves when given the opportunity to.

[1] we use mon, a custom alert script, and djbdns' tinydns.  Very
lightweight and failover is seconds.

Ted Deppner

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