I just installed SpamAssassin in my vpopmail installation, with maildrop.
The thing is that the sample script (provided everywhere, including SA
distribution), uses the following command lines to get the users home dir:

VHOME=`/var/vpopmail/pop/bin/vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]

First, the path is not the default vpopmail installation (/home/vpopmail),
but I can live with that :P

The problem is that the [EMAIL PROTECTED] variable provided by .qmail provides the
information in the form of "virtualhost-virtual_user"@domain.
So, for my [EMAIL PROTECTED] it provides:

I'm using pretty much the default settings for everything, and i guess this
is the normal behaviour of qmail. Just wondering if i'm missing something
obvious or anyone has got around that. I am temporary using my full email on
the 'vuserinfo -d' command instead of the variables, but I didnt want to go
that way for each user.

In case it matters, i'm using the latest stable version (vpopmail 5.4.0)
with netqmail-1.04, and the latest SA (2.63).

thanks in advance!


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