On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 12:17, Eduardo M. Bragatto wrote:
>  From Qmail-Scanner FAQ (http://qmail-scanner.sourceforge.net/FAQ.php):
> "Q-S doesn't work with Vpopmail Vpopmail basically strips out 
> environment variables set within the tcpserver SMTP rules file - 
> specifically the QMAILQUEUE environment variable. As it is responsible 
> for starting qmail-smtpd, that means Qmail-Scanner never gets called. 
> This is really a bug with Vpopmail, but a workaround is to set 
> QMAILQUEUE within /service/smtpd/run instead.(..)"
>       This "bug" has been fixed in some recent version of vpopmail?

it doesn't do it to the tcp.smtp file, it might in the open-smtp file,
but I'm not sure.

versions 5.3.21 and 5.4.0 I can confirm this.

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