A few lines down there is some weirdness. At the end of a password entry there is a ^ symbol and then there is a blank line.

Just to be sure, can I just delete the extra symbol and the blank line and see what happens? Or is there any backup steps that I need to take here?

On Tuesday, February 10, 2004, at 06:11  PM, Rick Macdougall wrote:

Brendan McAlpine wrote:

I've narrowed it down a little.
The problem only occurs when running the vpasswd command on one particular domain on the server, so its not a problem with vpasswd.
Now, with that being said, how would I proceed from here to narrow down the problem with that one domain? could it be that its vpasswd.cdb file is corrupt, too large, etc. there are only 1250 accounts on that domain.
I have a ton of vpasswd.bak files in that directory. can i restore one of those? is there any way to run a check on the vpasswd files to see where they are going bad?
Sorry for all the questions....I'm not a vpopmail expert by any stretch and as of right now I can't update passwords on that one domain.


I'm sure it's a corrupted vpasswd file (not vpasswd.cdb). Check in the file around the user that you posted it failed on and see if there is any *weirdness* in the file around there. Missing :'s might be the culprit, or extra :'s.



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