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> It's posible under vpopmail to make an "alias" for receive a copy of all
> the mails of all the user to a specific adrress?


If you avoid usage of /ANY/ .qmail files in ~vpopmail/domains/<domain>/
you can "misuse" .qmail-default there.

Else you'd have to follow:

,----- [ http://cr.yp.to/qmail/faq/admin.html#copies ]
| How do I keep a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail messages?
| Answer: Set QUEUE_EXTRA to "Tlog\0" and QUEUE_EXTRALEN to 5 in
| extra.h. Recompile qmail. Put ./msg-log into ~alias/.qmail-log.
| You can also use QUEUE_EXTRA to, e.g., record the Message-ID of
| every message: run
| | awk '/^$/ { exit } /^[mM][eE][sS][sS][aA][gG][eE]-/ { print }'
| from ~alias/.qmail-log.

And filter yourself.
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