Hello people,

I have an usual setup like that :

| SMTP SERVER + Antivirus 'n Antispam |

                                ----------------->>>>----------         | POP3 Server |
         VPOPmail 5.4

SMTP server is the domain MX primary and is running a Qmail SMTP-only server 
for antivirus protection and a .qmail-default like | forward 

The question how do I setup vpopmail 5.4.0+mysql to recognize an e-mail sent 
to the local machine and deliver to a virtualdomain?
I.E., I want that vpopmail catch all the emails sent to 

I have to say that I can't resolve domain.com.br to the POP3 Server because 
domain.com.br is already configured to a WEB Server. 

Should I create pop3hostname.domain.com.br  also like a "aliasadomain" in 
vpopmail? This sounds badly for me. Is there any other way? 

Thanks in Advance


   Mário Viana Barbosa
      Network Admin

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