Hello List,

Is there an archive for the vchkpw/vpopmail mailing lists?

If not...here's my problem:

I have installed vpopmail with the --enable-roaming-users option.  The SMTP
"authentication" feature works great! (I can block non-authenticated hosts
from sending to domains outside of rcpthosts).

But, for the incoming mail originating outside my domain to an address
inside (within rcpthosts), I want to invoke the qmail-scanner-queue.pl
script, but it does not fire.

I have the open-smtp file for the "authentication" and also have the
tcp.smtp for the static entries (internal network and how to handle
external).  I have in tcp.smtp:


But when I look at the message headers of the incoming mail, nothing is
populated resulting from being scanned, but the message is allowed to be


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