I tried to install qmailadmin as root

and vpopmail is in /home/vpopmail/ dir..

i wonder what happen..

and when i search for vpopmail.h it exist there ..


> On Feb 16, 2004, at 10:48 AM, Girish wrote:
> > gcc -I.       -g -O2 -c qmailadmin.c
> > qmailadmin.c:29:22: vpopmail.h: No such file or directory
> > qmailadmin.c:30:19: vauth.h: No such file or directory
> When you configured qmailadmin, you didn't tell it where vpopmail was 
> installed.
> Make sure you configure and install qmailadmin as root.  If vpopmail 
> isn't at /home/vpopmail, you'll need to tell qmailadmin where it is 
> (./configure --enable-vpopmaildir=DIR).
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