On Feb 16, 2004, at 1:23 PM, Nick Harring wrote:
In most setups, i.e. less than 1k users, I'd probably agree. For larger
sites though I'd be interested in trying to benchmark, maybe with
something like oProfile?, how much of a difference dynamic libraries
could make for MySQL. I'm currently beginning to address performance
tuning needs on my qmail/vpopmail cluster, so I may have the
time/resources to really investigate this.

I assume that it would only require minor changes in the Makefiles to have vpopmail dynamically link against libmysql instead of statically linking it.

Do you know how static vs. dynamic linking is controlled? I think it's a much better idea to make it dynamic, especially if you think about admins upgrading MySQL -- vpopmail will continue to use the old, statically linked code.

While we're at it, we should have libvpopmail dynamically linked as well. This would require opening up the permissions on the ~vpopmail/lib directory, but that isn't a problem now that MySQL passwords are stored in a separate file.

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