Thomas Madej wrote:

There is no such file. I tried logging in as different domain and i'm having the same problems. They, too, have no such file.

If the file is not being created, then there is a problem with permissions or something else that does not allow the user QmailAdmin is running as to create files. There are two avenues of attack.

o Check the permissions and ownership of all the directores from the
Maildir of the users having problems all the way up to /.   The user
and/or group QmailAdmin is running as must have rwx for all directories.

o Check the permissions and ownership of QmailAdmin.  Mine is 06755
which is SUID vpopmail:vchkpw plus 755.

One thing to try is login (or su to) the user QmailAdmin runs as, cd to
a directory having a problem, and try creating a file.  If you get an
error message, so will QmailAdmin.


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