I did the reverse dumped my mysql stuff to cdb before the upgrade just
in case.. and it did the same thing too after the upgrade..

removed all the .qmailadmin-limits.. I assumed it was somethng that I
must have not read in the docs and didn't submit a bug report.

- Brian

Jeff Koch wrote:


We transferred 600 domains and about 5000 mail accounts from a server using vpopmail with cdb to a new server using the latest 5.4.0 built with mysql for auth but no mysql aliases or limits.

After untarring the domains.tgz file and copying over the /qmail/control and /qmail/assign files we ran 'vconvert -c -m' and after the conversion we found vconvert had deleted all of the '.qmailadmin-limits' files. Is this a known bug or did we do something stupid?

Our configure directives were:

./configure --enable-logging=v --enable-clear-passwd --enable-auth-module=mysql --disable-mysql-limits --enable-mysql-logging

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Jeff Koch

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