There is now a sneak peek at the updated PHP extension for vpopmail available on my test web site:

Basic installation instructions are in INSTALL.

You should read README, NEWS and TODO.

There are now 21 functions available to access and update information about email addresses. To work they must be run as the vpopmail user. I do it by running apache under the mail user. Hopefully there are other solutions available.

Access to vset_limits() is planned, but not complete. vdel_limits() is not tested.

Domainadd, domaindel and domainaliasadd do not work, and may never work. Use the existing vpopmail programs instead.

Simple programs to execute each of the functions are provided in test/.

On to pMailAdmin, the prototype of QmailAdmin written in PHP... When the extension is done, it will be submitted to PECL.


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