On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Rick Widmer wrote:

> There is now a sneak peek at the updated PHP extension for vpopmail
> available on my test web site:
>     http://kimberly.developersdesk.com/vpopmail.php.tar.gz
> Basic installation instructions are in INSTALL.
> You should read README, NEWS and TODO.
> There are now 21 functions available to access and update information
> about email addresses.  To work they must be run as the vpopmail user.
> I do it by running apache under the mail user.  Hopefully there are
> other solutions available.

It should be possible to run with the web server user (in debian www-data)
and use internally the posmaster's (or user's) password. I'm afraid using
other user adds a weak security point and gets problems to web
applications which need to use the regular apache user.


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