5.4.2 - released 22-Feb-04

This is an interim release to correct various minor problems
before we begin significant security fixes (escaping fields) to
the mysql and pgsql backends.

We should be ready to start the 5.5 development series
after the SQL fixes are in place.


Tom Collins
- Remove attempts to free() static buffers in vpgsql.c. [888888]
- Fix problems with creating valias table in vpgsql.c. [892595]
- Remove unnecessary check for C++ from configure[.in].
- Don't include DESTDIR when building inc_deps and lib_deps.
- Properly parse Maildir and mbox delivery lines in .qmail files
in vdelivermail (and exit(111) for mbox lines). [889756]
- Temporarily disable -s option to vadduser (since it's broken).

Anders Brander
- Add contrib/checkpassword_debug.[README,c] for testing and
debugging problems with vchkpw. [862608]

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