On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 11:09, Joe Boyce wrote:
> However, we do have the IP in question listed in our tcp.smtp file
> like this:
> It also matches in the cdb file too.  I've checked my run command and
> the correct tcp.smtp.cdb file is being looked at.
> However, sometimes, not all the time, people get rejected with a 451
> error from Spamcop saying they are listed in the database, even though
> we are setting the RBLSMTPD variable in the tcp.smtp file.

show us the tcpserver -v log entry, along with the rblsmtpd response
that goes along with it.  I've got money your user has something else in
for their mail server name, and it's going to a different machine where
you haven't made this change.

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