Well this is the wrong list for this but here goes.

Look at this for reference for spamd:

My server with vpopmail and no per user spam preferences:
OPTIONS="-a -x -m 20 -v -u vpopmail -a"
(these are set in a script /etc/default/spamassassin [debian thing I think] and are passed to the spamd daemon)

Mostly, I believe that -x is what you need:
"-x, --nouser-config Disable user config files "

But read the man page to get an idea of what options you want.

Alex Martin

Sebastian Ovide wrote:

hi Mike

yes. Inside this directoris there is the directory .spamassassin/.

do you know how to avoid it ?

thank you


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From : "Michael Bowe" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Cc : Date : Tue, 24 Feb 2004 22:12:32 +1100
Subject : Re: [vchkpw] no such user [EMAIL PROTECTED] in root directory

|----- Original Message ----- |From: "Sebastian Ovide" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
|> I have qmail+vpopmail+spamassasin+qmailscanner on my system
|> and I don't know why
|> I have a lot of directorys created, in the root directory , as uch user
|> [EMAIL PROTECTED] in root directory.
|> any ideas ?
|maybe spamassassin is somehow misconfigured and is creating user dirs to
|store per-user .spamassassin files ?
|perhaps try an "ls -al" in one of these dirs to see if they contain any
|files/dirs like that

Sebastian Ezequiel Ovide

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