On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 04:30:56PM -0500, X-Istence wrote:
>>> Any idea which email clients support that? [SSL]
>> There're some: "Lookout Quickly" can do, IIRC, so can 'The Bat!',
>> 'Pocomai', 'Becky' and Eudora (to name the Windows fraction). Some of
>> them even can 'STARTTLS'. For *nix there also a few: I know at least
>> about 'mutt' and 'Sylpheed', but I'm quite sure 'Evolution' has SSL
>> support as well, if not it's on the straight way to having it.

> Forgot to mention the lovely ThunderBird, which runs on both windows and 
> Linux, BSD, Solaris, and many more. Its nice and fast, and easy to use. 

Sure. It simply didn't came to my mind but is, of course, not the least
in this list :-)
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