J. Kendzorra wrote:


can't find any clues as to why its failing. I'm not even sure
whether this is a vpopmail issue or a qmail-inject problem.

It's a qmail-inject/headers problem - the header seems broken. You may want to try new-inject (http://cr.yp.to/mess822.html) and/or change the headers. Juergen

After further investigation I've managed to narrow the problem down to 'valias', there could well be an issue with the mail headers being incorrect, but I've found that the address it fails on is a valias. This address is successfully processed if it is the only recipient, but if there is more than one recipient then the valias fails with the message:


logged to the qmail send log.

Was this a known issue with vpopmail 5.3.30, and has it been fixed in the latest release?

Many thanks


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