This error with over 2MB files is a MUA problem and not a problem with the
mail server.  There really is no way to correc this then telling the
customer to use a File Transfering protocol as in FTP or something of the
sorts to transfer Large Files instead of email which I have found that is
not a reliable source of transport for anythign really over 1MB in size.

Rob G

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Subject: [vchkpw] POP3 Delays

> I am experiencing delays in recieving large emails ... I can't find any
> reference in the docs on how to increase the delay in receiving emails.
> Can anyone explain to me how to do this?
> Typically when a file that is 2MB or larger the pop3 service kind of
> chokes out and the user gets a time out error.
> Thanks for any suggestions
> Troy E Bouchard

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